Ready for a new look in your bathroom? Maybe you're moving into a new house or think it's time for something unique. Buffon Glass installs glass shower doors, including both hinged and sliding shower glass doors. Whether you're looking for glass shower enclosures or frameless shower doors, view our gallery or contact us today to get started.


A popular option for bathroom upgrades or renovations is custom shower doors because of the minimalist look and feel they bring to your home. These types of walk-in shower enclosures use a heavier and thicker glass than alternative shower doors, which allow the unit to stay in place and be sturdier overall. Although this type of shower door can have metal headers for support at the top, they are still considered frameless because there is no metal between the panels or doors, giving you a full glass shower enclosure with an almost fish tank like effect.


There are many glass and hardware options you can take advantage of to customize your frameless shower doors, including door handles, knobs, towel bars and more, allowing you to easily match your existing bathroom decor! All of these allow you to make frameless shower glass an integral part of your bathroom renovation.


The shower is something we use every day. Over time shower doors may begin to crack or slowly break. If you've noticed a broken hinge or a crack in your shower door glass, don't wait. Call for a repair today. We have a variety of parts ready to repair both framed and frameless shower doors.


If your frameless shower doors have any cracks or scratches, they aren’t just visually less attractive –they may also affect the functionality and integrity of the door. Perhaps your shower door doesn't close correctly anymore, or maybe you have noticed a crack in the door that keeps expanding. Regardless of how large or small the damage may seem, it is important you have it repaired as soon as possible.

Our team will do what it takes to ensure your frameless shower door is back in optimal condition with the highest quality of glass. Just reach out to our team today and let us know what needs to be repaired!

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